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Welcome to Souvenir World Group Kangaroo

Whether you are an international visitor seeking a souvenir to help you remember the special experiences and places that made your Australian journey so unique, or an Australian wishing to take a piece of this country with you on your travels abroad - Souvenir World is your ideal destination.

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Congratulations - you have found the home of Australia's number one retailer of souveniers. Select from our famous Top 10 Aussie T-shirts, genuine Aussie Ugg Boots, comfy thongs, yummy vegemite, outback hats and much, much more. Visiting friends and relatives overseas? Take an aussie gift to say "thanks" Aussie style!

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The home of iconic Aussie sports teams and events. Here you'll find jerseys, caps and scarves that celebrate our champion teams - the Wallabies, Kangaroos, Socceroos, Sydney Swans, Sydney FC, etc. Also exclusive licensed products for events ranging from the Olympics and Rugby World Cups to State of Origin and Australian Tennis Open.